Laugh a Little Bit More.

Tip of the Week #4

"Why did you put this in a tip of the week, Leslie?"

Because we (read ME) often take ourselves WAY too seriously.

There's an urban myth that's been floating around for years that says children laugh 300-400 times per day and adults only laugh 17.4 times per day. Some researchers did the math and figured out that if this were true then children awake 12 hours per day would be laughing at least once every 1-2 minutes from sunrise till sunset. That's a lot of laughing. Whether the numbers are true or not, daily life has a way of sucking the laughter straight out of us. Bills, work, kids, relationships, bosses, deadlines, and other responsibilities don't often allow for a lot of laughter. But laughter is good for us as parents.

* It's good for our physical health.

* It's good for our mental health.

* And it makes us more likable. That's right. When we laugh (at the right things of course), we become more approachable.

More human.

More likable. The other day I sent our family's favorite knock-knock joke to my daughter who was having a long day at school. It's corny, cheesy, and silly...but it's the one joke our family can always depend on to lighten a situation and bring a smile.

It goes like this. (Credit goes to the many hours of watching the Kratt Brothers)

Knock, knock?

Who's there?


Panther, who?

Your panther down, better pull 'em up!

We laugh (ok, I laugh) every single time. In fact, when I'm really feeling bad, all someone in my family has to say is, "knock-knock" and my mood changes immediately. No 'panther' required!

What about you, Mom? What about you, Dad? How do you bring humor into your interactions? How does humor fit into your family? Share below so we can learn from you. And of course, we'd LOVE to hear your best knock-knock or 'dad' joke as well. #healthcoach #nutritioncoach #leadership #knockknock jokes #professionalcoach #pcc #icf #leadbyexample #executivehealthcoach #leadershipdevelopment #fitness #mentor #supercoach #laughmore

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