One Smart Cookie

You might not know Debbi Fields, but I'll bet you know her product, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and I'll bet you've eaten more than one! In the book One Smart Cookie, she said, "at last I understood that I had to do something that was mine... I gave up, in that moment, the desire to succeed in other people's eyes and realized that first I had to succeed for myself."

In short...she tried.

Something new. Something terrifying. Something completely unknown. And it worked to the tune of a net worth of $200 million dollars. 💰

On a much smaller scale, I stepped out of big company health and fitness in January 2015 to start my own coaching and training business with the simple goal of serving clients and staying 'in the black'. Over the last six years, I've been able to run a debt-free business, coach and train hundreds of clients, launch some ideas that worked and some that didn't, scale an online business, and now, venture into this new space of helping you create healthy families.

Even through the pandemic 🙏🏻

It's not $200 million, but I'm still in the black and, more importantly, still changing lives.

Like Debbi Fields, I knew I had to try. If I didn't, it would be one of the biggest regrets of my life. And I had a very personal reason driving my choice to step out.

Three kids were watching me, and if I want them to try big things, I needed to try big things.

Even if I failed.

But you never really fail because you tried something new. In the famous words of Thomas Edison when speaking of the light bulb, "I never once failed at making a light bulb. I just found 99 ways not to make one."

Now it’s your turn.

What thing, if you don’t try, will end up being your biggest regret?

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