There are No Mommy Wars Here

Kids Don't Come With Instructions

But even if they did, you can be sure, I'd screw it up. And someone would be more than happy to tell me.

I mean, I'm often HOURS into figuring out how to put together IKEA furniture before I realize I missed that screw back in step two. So I have to undo all my work, go back, fix it, and hope it ends up looking something like the picture.

It's kinda like a Pinterest fail.

"Here's what I planned to make v Here's what I actually made."

You get the picture.

I'm an imperfect parent.

Don't believe me? Just ask my kids.

  • I've served Cheese Nips for breakfast on the way to Mother's Day Out.

  • I brought peanut butter to the class with the kid who has a peanut allergy.

  • I shrunk my daughter's favorite shirt.

  • I've lost my temper in the grocery store, made a scene, and dragged everyone (myself included) crying to the car.

  • I overshared on Social Media about my middle schooler (seriously a fatal offense).

  • And I still have my pediatrician on speed dial.

But I'm trying. And on most days, I'm doing ok.

And so are you.

Healthy Moms Healthy Kids was created for the imperfect mom to find support, encouragement, and practical tools to keep on parenting, especially when things get tough.

We won't sugarcoat or coddle, but we also won't preach, yell or demand you raise your kids a certain way.

They're your kids. It's your family.

So, whether you serve organic pop tarts and Sunny D for breakfast or farm-fresh eggs and a green smoothie, there's a place for you here.

There are no 'mommy wars' here.

So, welcome. I'm so glad you've chosen to be a part of this community.

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